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22 de enero de 2014

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Evelyn Dax is in love with her new boss, Jeff Richards. She does not want to reveal her feelings because of their professional relationship, however when Jeff asks her to accompany him during a business trip, the two spend a passionate night together. Although attracted to Evy, Jeff decides to limit their relationship to business-related issues only, as he is afraid of any commitment. Soon after coming back to the office in Boston, Jeff faces a sabotage plot against him triggered by one of the board members of the company they both work for. He is given a difficult task to accomplish and if he fails, he will lose his job. Laura Levinson, Evy’s best friend, learns she suffers from breast cancer and, with the support of her loving husband Bruce, she undergoes traumatic chemotherapy. While weakened and discouraged by the lack of progress with her treatment, she meets Alyssa, a healer, who miraculously helps her recover completely from her illness. Encouraged by Alyssa’s magic, Evelyn decides to seek her help regarding Jeff’s lack of attention. Soon the healer’s intervention is visible; Evy spends a passionate night with what appears to be an imagined entity introducing itself as Jeff. At the same time, the real Jeff’s feelings towards Evelyn begin to change drastically and the more often the intimate distractions, first pleasant, later on disturbing, happen to Evy, the more Jeff resents her. Shortly after Laura’s recovery, Bruce is diagnosed with lung cancer. All of these strange events cause Evy to begin wondering who Alyssa really is...

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Agatha Rae is living in Gdynia, Poland. She has published several books, including a book for ESL teachers "Teaching English Through Culture, Teaching Culture Through English", a collection of essays analyzing popular culture "Popkultura - pop czy kultura?" and her debut novel "Oenone". Agatha's articles have been published both in English and Polish in numerous Polish magazines, for example: Forum for World Literature Studies, The Teacher, Top Guitar, Kino and Perkusista. She is currently a PhD student at the University of Gdansk.


This is an easy read, i would recommended it to those who loves romance with free steamy.
its well written Ms. Rae makes an excellent story but i have some problems with it. but as i always say my point of view its different from others.
the biggest issue is that i got lost it was kinda hard for me to know what POV i was reading because its a story with 4 main characters. the first part of the book its interesting but not that much, don't get me wrong ok is not bored but almost cross that line.
-Y'all know me i love steamy and that's what i felt this book needs a little-
So when we get to know Alyssa oh Man the story changed its suspensefull, its great and i really started to enjoyed it i was like 'OMG what's gonna happen next' i mean that anxious i was that i didnt put down my kindle i didnt sleep AT ALL just to keep reading and find out what would happen and why those creepy events started.
I really like this book i love Evy she's a strong woman and Laura is not my type of woman i mean when she needs help she refuse to ask for it and that for me its NOT healthy (please if you have a problem talk to it with someone else).
Overall i really enjoyed this book. 
I definitely gonna look for more books of Ms. Rae
and i recommended it this book.

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