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16 de enero de 2014

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Kylie Jenkins has lived the past few years fearing for her life. She knows she must do whatever it takes to escape her current situation. With each assault, the injuries she sustains are more severe. She calls upon her childhood friends to help her escape, however it means moving away from everything she loves. Without knowing if she will ever see her family or friends again, she takes off in hopes of a new beginning. Her entire world is turned upside down until she is reunited with her childhood love and things start to look up. Cameron is the type of man she wants to spend her life with, he is fun, sensitive, considerate, and sexy. Unfortunately, for Kylie, her dangerous past seems to be sneaking up on her. Strange things start happening to her, making her feel apprehensive and afraid. Her friends assure her that she is safe, but they start to think Kylie might be a bit paranoid. Will Kylie finally have her storybook romance? Or will her love and desire for Cameron be tainted from the start?

Meet the Author

My name is Wendi Hulsey. I was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin, just south of Milwaukee. After several vacations to the sunshine state, my husband and I fell in love with the warm weather and decided to have a house built in Florida. I miss my family and friends up north;however, I will never regret not having to shovel snow again. I have been a registered nurse for about ten years. I currently work on a medical/surgical unit, preferring to work the night shift. My husband and I have been married for sixteen years, and I appreciate his support during this endeavor. I have one son who is a hard working grown man now living on his own. He has blessed me with the most precious grandson and a wonderful future daughter in law. My daughter is a beautiful and smart teenager who excels at just about anything she tries. She enjoys playing soccer and we have spent numerous hours on various soccer fields. I am blessed to have my mother, a retired cook, living with me and she is a great help with cooking, cleaning, and chauffeuring the teenager. Other members of our family include; one dog, one cat, two turtles and several fish. My love for reading began at the age of twelve on a stormy day. With nothing to do I was bugging my mother, she said, “Go read a book.” I have never stopped. As a teenager, I preferred horror books, mainly Stephen King. As I age, my reading tastes change and I currently read mysteries, romance, or erotica. It has always been my dream to write a book. Although writing is a hobby for me, I hope to produce a book to the best of my abilities and hope you have enjoyed what you read. Thank you for your support.

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I really didn’t want to leave Kylie standing in the doorway giving me those glazed over bedroom eyes. I had to leave her or I would have taken advantage of her right there in the foyer. I can’t believe one woman can have me walking around all day with a hard-on as though I am a teenage boy with no self control. Walking to my bedroom I start stripping, I’m definitely going to need a very cold shower before I’ll be able to go to sleep. I grab a towel and head to the bathroom when I hear a soft knock at the door. I wrap the towel around my waist, hoping whoever is there won’t notice my protruding towel. This thing just won’t go down.


Tainted Desire tell us the story of Kylie a woman who is abuse for her boyfriend and every day the injuries are more severe, she decides is time to scape and makes a plan with her childhood friend Courtney to move to Florida with her and her brother Cameron (the boy she was in love when they were kids) Without knowing if she will ever see her family or friends again, she takes off in hopes of a new beginning Will Kylie finally have her storybook romance? Or will her love and desire for Cameron be tainted from the start?
 When I first read the synopsis I have to say I didn't feel nothing I mean I felt it would be a bored book, when I started the book, well, the plot caught me, this book is original, well written and its fun and easy to read, I love it since page one, I felt fear for Kylie and what his ex asshole boyfriend could do to her, that part of the story I felt it real and I loved that I was available to feel that.
Cameron it’s a horny, sexy, handsome and cute guy I LOVE HIM! He’s perfect for every woman out there (I’m sure he will be my next book boyfriend), he’s kind and he cares about Kylie he’d rather die before hurt Kylie, he loves her since forever, he was in love with her since they were kids.
Kylie the only complaint with Kylie is that she didn’t scape before! I know she was scared but she could scape and start a new life without that asshole of Dylan oh Dylan I hope an alien came and kill you.
Courtney is crazy but is a good friend is the best friend Kylie could have and it’s a shame seriously she fell in love with that asshole Blake, I hope it’s you in that yellow body bag Blake.  
I just hope Blake is the death one instead of Kylie!
I will certainly looking for book 2 in this series I really love this book and I hope I can read and review book 2!


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