Review: Promiscuous (The Fixer #2) by Alyson Raynes

30 de enero de 2014

A cold front was moving in and a slight chill moved through me. Knowing how he felt about me, I knew he would do anything to keep me safe. Committing murder wasn’t beneath him and it was dangerous for me to think that he could be involved in Amber’s death.

I was trapped in a dark place, scared with nothing to eat; barely breathing. I missed the man I could no long remember but knew existed long ago. The promise of rescue keeps me from losing what's left of my mind.

I loved him, believing he loved me too but time had passed, my memories scattered, almost non-existent. I longed for a closeness, to be with him; then realized I don't even know who he is.



Nothing could prepared me for this book... and yes this is how i gonna start this... ok this is book two and the fixer series and also continues with Brooke & Dylan story.
this book is even better than the first one and i read it in less than 4 hours because i was so thrilled that i HAVE to know what is going to happen next...
a lot of things happen in this book and we get to know more characters and also understand some events in book one (Gosh this is going to be hard to review because i don't want to do make spoilers) ok A LITTLE SPOILER HERE Brooke's sister Steph is attack and we able to see her recovery and also her relationship with Tristan, also in this book we know why Thomas(Brooke's father) is so mean with her and everything that fucking bastard did to her (i've been like crazy wondered if Steph has had suffer that abuse too)... it seems Dylan and Brooke are gonna have their happily ever after because they engaged she met Dylan's parents and then get married in Ireland(love that) everything is going so well after THAT happens... 
I CRIED and was so PISSED with Alyson (in a good way because i loveeeeeee the work she did giving us a totally changed of events) Brooke was kidnapped and all we know is someone close to her and Dylan...
and just when you thing you have everything figured out there again Alyson changed everything and give us a HUGE and i have to say this a FUCKINGG HUGE twist that will left you speechless. 
Again i have to say i LOVE this book it was well written, the characters were well done, i love Alyson writting style is so freacking perfect, this book is one of my 2014 fav. books and of course its a MUST read. i highly recommended it you will love Dylan as in the book one he's an Alpha male, Dominant, protective, kind and so much full of love (my new BookBoyfriend) and you will love this story as well. 
i CAN'T even wait for march to Redemption (the fixer #3) to come to my hands!!! im dying here i need ASAP!

Alyson enjoys bringing characters to life and has been writing since she was a little girl. Her first published book was in elementary school where it was put on display in the library for others to read. Alyson’s love for books is what compels her to write and create new worlds of her own for others to enjoy. She enjoys writing everything from erotica to suspense thrillers. Fixer of Deceit is the first book in the Fixer Series, which is both an erotic romance and suspense thriller.

A Colorado native, Alyson loves to travel. She has visited Ireland, Mexico and most of the United States. Her favorite vacation hideaway is Hawaii. She has a love for the ocean and enjoys swimming with sea turtles in the wild. Alyson is a former accountant who has traded in her abacus for a full-time writing career.

She has been happily married for twenty-one years to her high school sweetheart and is the proud mother of two. Her love of quilting keeps her busy in the winter months when she isn’t writing. Alyson’s favorite past time is spending time with her family, watching football and laughing together.

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