Paranormal Erotica Book Tour & Giveaway: Blind Date With A Bear by Marie Mason

21 de marzo de 2014

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 3/13/14 - 3/27/14

Genres: Paranormal, Paranormal Erotica, Erotica


The first blind date Quinn Blackwood’s matching making sister set him up on proved to be his last. The curvy brunette waiting for him at the bar was indeed his true mate.

Even though they had never met, Paige Matthews had nursed a secret crush on her co-worker’s oldest brother since moving to town. She knew the odds were against it, but she couldn’t resist going on a blind date with the big bear shifter. She was heart sore that she wasn’t his true mate but quickly decided to take him up on his offer of a good time. Cause this good-girl wanted nothing more than this bear’s sweet loving.


Oh, my God, what is this?” Quinn thought he’d died and gone to heaven when the taste of honey melted on his tongue. He looked down at the food he was eating and realized she’d baked a cake. A freaking honey cake. It was gone in two more bites. “I’ve never tasted anything so delicious in my life,” Quinn told her as he licked his lips clean. He eyed her container. “Aren’t you going to share?”

Paige hugged her cake to her breast and laughed. “Not going to happen, big boy,” she replied as she cut off a piece and placed it in her mouth, slowly pulling away the fork. She moaned and closed her eyes, savoring the taste. “So good.”

Quinn was on her in a flash, tossing away the container and dragging her down on the blanket in one coordinated move. He quickly spread her legs, settling himself between them with ease.

Quinn!” Her hands grabbed his shoulders.

He grinned down at her shocked expression. “Don’t you know better than to tease a hungry bear with the smell of honey?” He bent down and licked her lips and savored the feel of her nails biting into his shoulders.

There’s more cake in the bag.” Her voice was low and breathless, that same sex phone whisper that had his cock going from hard to a piece of fucking granite in ten seconds flat.

That’s good to know, but that wasn’t the honey I was talking about.” He moved, dislodging her hands as he slid down her body.

There’s honey,” he said, kissing the flesh revealed by the low bodice of her dress. He continued his downward path to the peak of her right breast. Taking one taunt bud in his mouth, he sucked it inside, again taking fabric and all as he had in the elevator, making her back arch and her hands fist in his hair. He hardened even more, thinking about her reaction to what he was about to do. He tugged his head from her grasp and her hands fell to her sides. He placed kisses along the rise of her belly, then sat back on his knees, looking at her splayed before him, a feast for him to devour. “And then there’s this honey.”

He put his hands under the hem of her dress that had ridden up past her knees. Giving the soft flesh a hard squeeze, he pushed the light fabric up. “I smell your want, Paige.”

Paige shivered as Quinn’s thumbs caressed the insides of her thighs as he pushed her dress out of the way. Yes, she wanted him. She wanted him more than she’d ever wanted a man. Knew she wanted him more than she’d ever want a man. It was no wonder he could smell her want. Moisture gathered between her thighs, soaking into her pink silk panties. Before she knew it, he’d pushed her dress up her thighs and over her panties.

She’d worn one of few matching lingerie sets she owned, a bra and panties in a dark shade of pink that bordered on red. Quinn lowered himself, his mouth urgently burning a trail from her knee to her throbbing pussy. She lost herself in the moment, the warm breeze wafting over her heated skin. The screech of the hawks above and the sounds of the city below faded away. There was nothing except this, this man.

Quinn bit the soft flesh on the inside of her right thigh, and then he was there, his mouth, covering her, his rough tongue licking, sucking her swollen clit through the silk fabric of her panties.

So sweet, baby,” he murmured. “I want a deeper taste.” He leaned back and lifted her legs over one strong arm. Hooking a thumb beneath the waistband of her underwear, he had them down and off before she could say a word. “Now where was I.”

He lowered her legs back down to the blanket, then parted them, pushing her knees up and spreading her open for his pleasure.

Paige’s body trembled. She was so exposed. She knew she needed to protest, put her legs together. Blush. Something.

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Blind Date With a Bear what a pleasure was to read this book, so different, so unique,so original that left you with a hangover once you finished it.

I was lucky enough to get a copy from the author and read this amazing book, definitely this is a MUST read book.
Marie has made a piece of art here. the book is SO well written that is so easy to read, so easy to connect with the storyline that you are very pleasent with the book since page 1. 

Y'all know that i usually don't read Paranormal books but there was something in the book that draw me in, maybe was the title, really interesting title by the way, or maybe was the word Erotica, -I love erotica- but the truth is i'm so glad i give it a try. the storyline was so well done, that i instantly loved it.

Quinn is truely an Alpha male what a handsome, sexy and hot man, OMG i could die and come back just to have a blind date with him, and Paige my sweet girl sometimes i just wanna slap you in the face and sometimes i just wanna hugged her, so Quinn, he's a shifter, a bear shifter to be exactly -what a fresh air here thanks God-, he's looking for his mate but he doenst want to commited yet, so his sister set him up with a co-worker of her, Paige -oh and dont forget his sister is a lovematcher-, Paige is looking for pasion a man that lead her, that make her cum so hard, that give some emotions on her life so when she accept to be Quinn's blind date she really wish she were his mate 'cause she always had a crush on him.

This is not only a book of a sweet romance, the character will go thru a lot to be together, lies, problems, bad people who wnat to destroy them, you will laugh, cry and scream, and then laugh again -Quinn is so hilarious- and then you will want so much more of this book that you will love it i promise.

I'm just waiting a book for the twins pleasee PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE, Omg i did some conclusions while reading the book i need to know if i was right please.

i highly recommended this book. you WONT want to miss it so go get your copy and read this amazing story about a HOT bear shifter and good-girl human.
Are they Mates? or will just have a one-night sex? 
GO find it, you wont be disappointed.

About the Author:

Like many, Marie Mason had always suspected the career that would make her happy would be something to do with writing. And like many, she managed for years to avoid any job connect with writing. Writing is something she has to do every day. It’s a calling, or should she say, it’s the characters calling, whispering…write about me, write about me.

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