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4 de abril de 2014

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One pint sized human female who’s had too much to drink, not enough sleep, and absolutely no patience meets one stubborn dragon shifter with an attitude.
Bastian claims Acasia, his unwilling bride, after she spends the night carousing with friends. She’s not happy, he’s pissed off, and with a curse from a goddess thrown in, you’ll see Bastian breathe fire.
Add secrets, treasure, and unimaginable heartbreak for an emotionally humorous read and discover why Dragons Don’t Cry.
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She wasn’t like Bethanne. She didn’t cringe from me or cry. My new bride was fearless, or maybe crazy. I’d actually laughed when she threatened to puke on me again. She didn’t know it was a laugh, which I was grateful for. But nonetheless, I threw back my head, bellowing like a fool. I believe it’s been hundreds of years since a bride entertained me so much on the first day I’d claimed her.
This one was different, and if I didn’t guard my heart, it would break again. I couldn’t live through that pain. But, gods, I was lonely.
Acasia. I said the name in my mind. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Her hair was so blonde it was almost silver. Her tiny body reminded me of a pixie. Her face, delicate with small features, made her blue eyes seem larger and almost disproportioned. But it worked, making her even more desirable. I’d felt her as I flew nearer to the claiming field. The pull toward this one human woman. My mind zeroed in on hers. It was always like that. One stood out… one chosen for me. I couldn’t stop it any more than I could stop my heart from beating. Though I tried. I swore I wouldn’t show at that field, wouldn’t claim my bride.
But loneliness drew me there, to her. Gods, she wasn’t my true mate, and I would mourn her someday like I mourned the others who came before her. The thought was a crushing weight. I flew through my kingdom high above the trees, mountains, and lakes. I spotted a herd of bison. Their hide was tough, but tongue, heart, and liver succulent. A gurgle of fire exploded with my laugh. I didn’t know what the female would do when I brought one of these hulking beasts into my eating tower, but I wanted to find out.

This is a great book, i really enjoyed reading it, I did find this book hilarious and funny, and for me it is a worth read.
There are some minus issues in the storyline that at first wont let you fully enjoy the story but when you pass on them, dear lord you will want more of this book.
There's a shifter, a dragon shifter -sexy and HOT Bastian- by the way and thats something i really love of this book, because is a fresh air in a world where werewolves are the favorite ones, anyway there's a dragon shifter that because a cursed the goddess Hera place upon the dragons, they will be always heartbroken, they will live forever but their mates won't.
and every hundred year or so he needs to claim a new bride and theres when Acasia appears, sexy, smart, confident, and super indepent without any filter became the new bride of Bastian, shes so pissed off about this for a lot of reason but the important ones? shes drunk and sleepy. 
this is a fun story and just take it like that, dont try to everthink too much about the plot or you will find some issues, if you pass on them this will be the perfect story for an afternoon.

Delen McClain 2
I love a good book, strong cup of coffee, and my laptop. I want a book to take me away, the coffee to keep me awake during my travels, and my laptop to make sense of all the ramblings in my brain. My thoughts may be jumbled but when I write them out they make sense, I hope.
I live in a small Arizona town with my husband of 34 years and two spoiled dogs. I have a hardback, autographed book collection that would make any bibliophile drool. Love is where my heart is so I write romance with happy endings but I don't mind killing off a good character or two to keep things interesting.
You can find me and Facebook.
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