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22 de noviembre de 2013

Unremarkable (Anything But #2)

Thrust into a reality that should be myth, Honor does what she has to do to survive. Some things are easy to say goodbye to. Others things, like her very being, are not so easy to let go of. And when she does, what then? What will she become?

As Honor fights to survive and to remain unaltered when everything around her, including her, has been, she is met with adversaries and champions. Ryder, Christian, Nealon—they all have a goal. Only Honor doesn’t know if their goals coincide with hers, or Superior August’s and the UDK society.

One thing she does know: the world isn’t big enough for all of them.

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Forzada en una realidad que debería ser un mito, Honor hace lo tiene que hacer para sobrevivir.
Algunas cosas son fáciles de despedirse,otras como su propio ser, no son tan fáciles de dejar ir. Y cuando lo hace, ¿Entonces qué? ¿En qué se convertirá?
Mientras Honor lucha para sobrevivir y permanecer inalterada cuando todo a su alrededor, incluyéndola, lo ha sido, ella se ha encontrado con los adversarios y campeones. Ryder, Christian, Nealon—todos tienen un objetivo. Solo que Honor no sabe si sus objetivos coinciden con los de ella, o al superior de August y la sociedad UDK.
Una cosa si sabe: el mundo no es lo suficientemente grande para todos ellos.  

I've been writing since I was a wee lass. I was reading before that; possibly while still in the womb. Don't think about that too much.

I started out with short horror stories and poetry. I was terrible at it. The poems not so much, but the stories were awful.

I decided to finish a book (and I DO mean finish--I'd started plenty throughout the years) when I was in my mid-twenties (so not that long ago because I'm young and will forever stay that way). Again, not my best work.

But that's the thing about writing; it improves with time. (It's also a good thing to know your work can't possibly be any worse than it was when you first started.)

What I love most about writing is having people tell me how much they enjoy my work; how my writing touches them; makes them feel intensely.

Bringing a reader to laughter or tears is a wonderful feeling for a writer, and no, I'm not sadistic. *insert evil laugh HERE* It means I got them to feel, to respond to something I created.

Also, I just like to make stuff up and put it down on paper. I have an endless supply of stories in my head; lots of stuff to share with the world.

Happy Reading!


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Primer libro en la Serie.
Ordinary (Anything but #1)

Hay tres tipos de personas en el mundo: esas que están vivas, esos que son muertos vivientes y los que pueden ver a los muertos vivientes.
Honor Rochester descubrió que ella es una de esos tres y no es el que ella prefería ser.
Ella puede aceptar su destino y vivir como está decidido para ella. O no vivir en absoluto.

Si aun no conoces estas historias ¿Qué esperas para hacerlo? No te arrepentirás si te gustan los libros de Fantasía, paranormal y suspenso. ;)

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