Review - The Albino Redwoods by Heather Nelson!

13 de diciembre de 2013

In a post-apocalyptic world, rebuilt and dominated by porcelain skinned albinos, seventeen year old Joanne Brennan's pigmented skin is her defining characteristic. It controls every aspect of her life: who she can associate with, where she's allowed to live and what kind of job she is qualified to hold. Joey may be proud and confident while others of her kind are broken and self-loathing, but she will never be anything more than a "Pig." 

While finishing her senior year of high school, Joey cares for her bedridden mother and works in a swanky coffee shop just to get by. Daily she struggles to maintain her ideals. There was a time when Joey dreamt of equality. The death of her father, the man who raised her to love the pigment in her skin and never accept injustice, changed all that. Now Joey's hope and determination have made way for apathy. 

Unexpectedly, her sad life gets turned upside down with the homecoming of Grey Redcrest, a boy whose pale skin and snowy white hair are as forbidden as they are beautiful. Despite the numerous warnings, Joey can't deny her inexplicable attraction to him. His interest in her is just as mystifying. What will happen if she lets go of her reservations? Will Grey be everything he claims to be or will he inadvertently lead Joey to discover a much deeper attraction and a means to restore her lost hope.

I’LL GIVE THIS BOOK 5 MINIBOOKS!(if i could give more i would)

The Albino Redwoods i can’t even express how I felt reading this book, there are some kind of books that left you speechless this book its one of them and i HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.
Heather Nelson made an incredible job with her book, the story was well written and not just that she explain so well what the story is about that you don’t feel lost when you’re reading, I mean you know there are a LOT of books with themes that are not explaining so you feel kinda lost while reading, but this book explain everything so I own the story I knew exactly what the character were talking so that’s why I gave it first minibook.
Then the characters were so well done I mean I get to know them all that I feel part of them and that’s something I love in a book that’s what makes a book so great –besides its storyline of course- that’s gave it to it another minibook.
SO this left us with the other 3 minibooks and I have to say I rarely find a book that I want to read over and over! BUT the albino redwoods I´ve read it 3 times and I can’t get enough! I might confess that the first time I read it I didn’t want to finish it because I feel ill be wanting more and moreee and more so I re-read the last 2 chapters until the final one! THAT my friends it’s what A FREAKING AMAZING BOOK does. The story is SO AMAZING! That u get caught into it at the first moment u started reading, and I have to say OH EM GEE Heather u teased me I started the book thinking Grey were the male main character how wrong I was! I LOVEEEEEEE THAT in a book that u expect something and then something EVEN AWSOME come up! And not only that the whole story its so freaking amazing, and you can feel the connection between the main characters! This is a book of romance BUT also this is a book full with a great story with something else than romanticism, the book show us a problem a big problem between pigs(pigmented people)and fluffs(albino people) and I think THAT is the best part of the book.
YOURE A GENIUS! How the story begins and then how it end its priceless and for that I gave to it the others 3 book.
I’m deeply in love with Joanne Brennan she’s the perfect heroin, she’s strong but also is weak in a way you can feel related to. Ohmygosh I swear I love her ideals I just hope she gets better in the second book
And of course my bookboyfriend my sweetie pie Jem Redcrest! U GUYS WILL TOTALLY LOOOVE HIM!!! –But please remember he’s MINE- he’s the best and sweetie person in the world! He’s just perfect.
P.S to Heather Please please pleaseeeee let Reika be ok I lovee heer!:(
PS2. Heather ILOVE YOUUU!<3 THANKYOU for letting me read ur amazing book and also for being part of ur friends!

Hey there. My name is Heather and I wrote a young adult novel called The Albino Redwoods. It's my first book and I'm so excited to share it with you. I'm currently writing the sequel to The Albino Redwoods, still untitled, and I hope to finish it early next year.
I'm a reader first. I love reading, art and music. I'm a Zumba freak and a coffee junkie.


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