Book Blitz: Sweetheart of a Giveaway by Emily Hemmer

18 de febrero de 2014

Sweetheart of A Giveaway

All Emily Hemmer books will be available for 99c the entire month of February, for all retailers! She’ll also be hosting a weekly giveaway on her Facebook page for everyone helping to spread the word. This is the only time this year all three of her books will be priced at 99c!!

The remaining prizes for February Include: 

Week Three: Starbucks Giftcard With An Emily Hemmer Starbucks Coffee-Cup Cozy!

Week Four: Emily Will Write An All New Scene Featuring The Characters of Your Choice – Just For You! (not to be published anywhere else)


The Break-Up Psychic
"I love to laugh, and Emily Hemmer is hilarious!... Within the first few paragraphs I was laughing out loud, and I thought to myself, "Yes! This is going to be good!!" And I was right!!" ~ Book Nerd
"Absolutely hilarious romantic comedy that you can't help imagine watching on the big screen one day. Could not put it down!" ~ Amazon Reviewer
"Laughed, cried, couldn't put it down!" ~ Amazon Reviewer
Just One
"It's not everyday you find a romance that is not only steamy but hilarious. It's a fun, fun ride!" ~ Amazon Reviewer
"If you've read The Break-Up Psychic, be prepared for an even sexier, funnier romp." ~ Amazon Reviewer
"Lord have mercy!!!! This book is hooooottttt!" ~ Amazon Reviewer
Plus None
"Ms Hemmer has such a wonderful talent, it's truly amazing how in one moment your eyes can be filling up, your nose prickling with emotion and yet, in the next breath, you're bent over double, holding your stomach, laughing out loud!" ~ Nerd Girl Official
"Fasten your seat belts...or just prepare yourself for a constant state of laughing out loud." ~ Amazon Reviewer
"It's like Emily Hemmer just gets better and better with every dang book she puts out! I loved The Break-Up Psychic and Just One was hilarious but Plus None had me rolling on my ass with laughter." ~ Amazon Reviewer

#1 The Break-Up Psychic

Ellie has a bad habit of picking the wrong man; a cheating ex-boyfriend, a mild-mannered foot fetishist, and let’s not forget about the hillbilly with the impolite hard-on. But when Sam James, the oh-so-hot bad boy Ellie has sworn to stay away from, keeps turning up like a bad penny, she’s going to need more than her psychic senses to see what’s coming her way.

#1.5 Just One

Limping her way through a high society birthday bash, Charlie would like nothing more than to trade in her high heels for a pair of old cowboy boots. But when she finds herself tail over tits in the hydrangea, and Alex Ramirez appears to lend a helping hand, four-inch stilettos seem like the least of her worries. What's a country girl to do when her knight in shining armor turns out to be a rich boy with a mysterious agenda, and a pair of panty-dropping dimples? Two star-crossed lovers, one night, and a really naughty leather belt. Maybe Charlie should get out of Harlow County more often… This is a novelette length work (4 chapters/14K words, approx), and is the prequel to book 2 in the Dangerously Dimpled series, Plus None. 

#2 Plus None

Keeping her loud, redneck family in line for seventeen years has been no easy feat for Charlie Davies, but she’s managed to carve out a life for herself in the quiet crazy of her hometown. That is, until her baby sister announces she’s marrying a country-club boy from the bright lights of Dallas. Charlie’s got two months to defeat her sister’s she-demon Maid of Honor, keep her cousins from ruining the nuptials, and decide whether her one-time, one-night stand Alex Ramirez is worth a second chance.

Alex has thought of almost nothing but Charlie for two years, since the morning he woke up alone in her empty hotel room. Her sister’s upcoming wedding to his best friend seems like the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the girl who got away, but he underestimates her pull on him and soon finds himself torn between love and duty. With the wedding fast approaching, Alex and Charlie’s relationship will be put to the test. Hillbillies, debutantes, and the old southern divide of rich and poor threaten to keep them apart. One thing’s for sure, it’s about to get interesting in Harlow County.

#1 The Break-Up Psychic

#1.5 Just One

#2 Plus None

Emily Hemmer was raised in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago before settling in Kansas City in 1996. She was raised in a house full of women and can therefore shower, blow-dry her hair, and apply full makeup in twenty minutes flat. A huge fan of romantic comedies, Emily was overjoyed to learn that her college roommate could recite every word of the movie ‘Clueless,’ until she realized that was the only VHS tape her roommate owned. Emily dropped out of college and to this day, blames the listless years of her twenties on the words, “As if!” She completed her degree after an extended eleven-year semester break.

Married in 1998, Emily and her husband ‘Mr. T’ have two beautiful children now entering their teenage years. Her mother assures her that these years are not meant as punishment for parents, but as a source of great hilarity and recompense for grandparents. A sweet yellow lab, a jerk-face Viszla puppy, and an evil Siamese cat make up the rest of the family.

In October 2012, Emily learned she came in 2nd place for the SFARWA ‘s Heart-to-Heart contest (for contemporary single title romance) for her first work, The Break-Up Psychic. This work has been a true labor of love and is the basis for all of Emily’s future happiness. But she’s trying not to put too much pressure on herself.

According to her Yahoo! Shine horoscope for 2013, this year looks to be the best of Emily’s life. She has plans to publish three books, win countless accolades from her peers, and literally roll around on a bed made of money. She also plans to purchase a new dishwasher.

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